Latest trends in SG Muslimah fashion

Nowadays every one follows the latest fashion and trends to look stunning and beautiful, especially if we talk about women. People belonging to Islamic religion wear traditional dresses. But, with time, even they are changing and have started following the latest fashion trends. One can choose anything to wear as long as he/she is comfortable in it. With people, choices can vary.

Now the question is what’s trending is Muslimah fashion here? And how can they look stunning without breaking the rules of Islam? No need to worry now! Here are some tips for you to create an outstanding look.

  • Abaya and jeans

Abaya is the traditional attire for Muslimah women. We may see almost every woman wearing it. But how can we make it fashionable? It is very simple! You can wear jeans to give it a fashionable look. You can put on some accessories and wear either heels or shoes to give a final touch to your outfit. If you are going to attend your friend’s or office party then skinny jeans will look amazing.

  • Elegant party outfit

It is not always necessary to wear Abaya. You can search for Muslimah fashion Singapore and get latest ideas. If you are planning to attend a wedding, a function or getting ready for a festival like Eid-ul-Fitr, you can wear a long gown with Hijab. Believe me; you will rock the party in that look.

  • Unique Muslimah outfit for summer

If you are working women, and you want to look perfect at your office, then this outfit is perfect for you. Put on a black or some dark colored jeans with a shirt (light color can work better) tucked it in and put on your hijab. You can fold the Hijab to give it a nice classy look. Try checking out Sitrah as they have fabulous designs specifically for office.

  • Fancy trend for formal occasion

If you are attending your relative’s wedding, birthday parties, and other such occasions and looking something trendy to wear then this outfit will work best for you. A maxi dress will look beautiful on you and it’s awesome for weddings. You can also wear a shimmering jacket which will give more glitter to your gown and carry a fashionable bag along with it.

  • Long skirt outfit

Another outfit is a long skirt with a jacket. Isn’t it interesting to wear a skirt in Muslim religion? Yes, nowadays we see many Muslimah women wearing long skirts and covering their top with elegant jackets. You can wear Hijab matching its color with your skirt’s color. If you want to create a different yet fashionable look then this is the best example of Muslimah fashion.

  • Classiest dress

It is one of the best Muslimah trends for every woman. Wear a shirt and a long skirt and put a belt around your waist. Choose similar colors like a dark brown shirt and light brown skirt with Hijab. Carry a small bag with you and put on your eyeglasses to look more elegant.


These were some common tips for Muslimah women, which do not break the Islamic rules and gives you an amazing look. I hope you have got the answer of what’s trending in Muslimah fashion, now?

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Blog for the average SG Muslim

Hi there you all! I hope you are having a fantastic day today and an even more wonderful time while you are browsing through my blog post.

So, the reason why you have taken the step of visiting my blog site, it would probably because you would find yourself to be in a dilemma of channeling your inner fashion diva while also maintaining your Muslim identity. Since I have been living in Singapore for so many years now, I can completely empathize with you since I have also found myself in the same situation in various occasions. While my heart definitely would want to be slightly daring and bold, it would be my upbringing and Muslim culture which would reign it back in to obedience.

However, after several trial and test experiments, I have truly embraced myself the way I am and I have no shame in admitting it. However, since I would not like my fellow Singaporean Muslims to go through the same ordeal, I have actually made an attempt to pave the way for you.

Hence, if you would be wondering how exactly you should dress up and travel while in Singapore, continue reading below.


Clothing style in Singapore

Here, you would find the clothing style to be pretty mainstream, just like any other country. In addition, you would also find the style to vary according to age and lifestyle. That being said, you would be able to witness the younger generation in Singapore to dress fairly casually while the older working adults would be on the more conservative side.

In this case, you would have to keep in mind that Singapore is regarded as a cosmopolitan city. So, if you are wondering what you should wear, classic styling would be the ay to go.

Also, since the weather here seems to be humid and hot, denim shorts and casual t-shirts would make the ideal combination for daily wear. As for fabrics, you should try sticking to polyester/spandex, cotton blends, silk, and linen.

According to my observation, I have not seen many people in Singapore trying out crazy styles or even taking major fashion risks. That being said, that should not in any way stop you from following your heart and moving away from the standard norm.


Travel essentials

Due to Singapore being located right on the equator, it does not seem to have any distinct seasons. As a result, the weather would be pretty much sunny and hot throughout the year, with the exception of monsoon season. Even though it would still remain hot, but rain could be often witnessed.

It would usually be in these situations that you would find online marketing in Singapore to be rampant. This is because marketers would be trying their utmost best to increase their sales as much as possible. During the tourist season, you would also be able to find them working overtime so that they would be able to give their customers the best discount possible. So, if you would like to be one of those blessed, make sure to keep an eye out for these amazing deals and discounts.

In addition to all these, there would still be tons of things that you would have to know about. However, this would also be sufficient to live your life peacefully and contentedly as an average SG Muslim.…

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